Observation of the Yeti and UFO in Wisconsin alongside the Indian reservation in 1978

This message a man named Donald sent to the researcher of anomalous phenomena Lon Strickler several years ago. It obviously has something to do with the “Yeti from the UFO,” of which we wrote earlier and which was observed in 1974 by the farmer Bosak in the same Wisconsin.

“It was when I was still a kid, and in September 1978 I lived with my father on our farm near the town of Shawano, Wisconsin.” Our farm was located near the Indian reservation of Menominee.
Once we heard rumors that two deer hunters saw large and hairy creatures in the forest. The Indians from the reservation called these creatures the word “Manabaiwok”, which translates from their language as “Giants”. But I considered these stories just fiction, fairy tales or ancient legends.
But one day my father and I returned home late at night on a car to a farm from a trip to the store and suddenly saw that two tall and furry creatures were walking in vegetable gardens with vegetable marrows. Each of them was at least 6 feet in height (182 cm). It was already dusk and it was impossible to examine these creatures in detail, but by the light of the moon it was clear what they were doing: They tore and ate our marrows!

Father, barely seeing these creatures, immediately extinguished the headlights of the car and stopped the car itself.We sat with him and watched with bated breath, as these creatures are hanging on a bed. We were from them about 100 feet (30 m), but they behaved as if they did not notice us or did not show us what they noticed.

So it took a long five minutes or so and finally one of these creatures lifted its head and looked in our direction. His eyes glowed red. And then we were frightened and decided to go straight to the farm, and then call the police station. But we did not have time to do anything, because two big disk-shaped objects suddenly appeared in the sky above us.
UFOs sailed slowly towards the field to the east and after 200 yards (182 m) landed directly on the field. Each of these disks was in diameter of 40 feet (12 meters) and after landing in one of them the “door” was opened, in the opening of which the greenish color was shining and smoking.
In just a few seconds, the “door” closed and the discs went up again and flew towards the north. Only after they had flown away, we realized that there were no more hairy creatures in the beds of our garden
A few days later, my father told me that our neighbors Mr. Kane and his sister also saw two UFOs that evening, and earlier they had seen hairy tall creatures wandering nearby in the woods. Mr. Kane told him that for several weeks he knew that these creatures were wandering around, but he could not see them well until the evening when the UFOs appeared.
After that night, we no longer saw these creatures and did not hear others meet them. Years later I can not understand what it was. Bigfoots? Aliens? Or maybe it’s the same thing? It has always seemed strange to me that so many people have seen bigfoots, but no one could find their bodies and graves. Maybe it’s because all these bigfoots, yeti and others are actually extraterrestrial beings? “.

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